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Girls State

The Auxiliary again this year is proud to advise that we have sponsorship for 4 MWHS Junior Girls going to Girls State.  Sponsorship ($300 ea) will be from Mound Legion Gambling (2), Auxiliary (1), Riders (1).   Kathy Rice, Jean Harty and Susan Soberg interviewed 5 different juniors on multiple days last week.  The 5th girl will be an alternate.  The sponsorship covers their week stay (board/room) at Bethel University in St. Paul (June 12-18).  The Auxiliary also gives each sponsored girl spending money so they can purchase sweatshirt, t-shirt or some type of souvenir if they would like.


What is Girls State?

For the past 69 years, the American Legion Auxiliary has sponsored and operated the American Legion Auxiliary Minnesota Girls State Program. This program is for girls from around the entire state who have completed their junior year in high school. It is an interactive program teaching Minnesota government on how to form city, county and state government offices. They vote for and carry out elected and appointed positions in government. This program gives participants the experience of living together as self-governing citizens with the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship, plus gaining knowledge of the American Legion Auxiliary.

 We are honored to have the following the following students represent our Legion and Mound Community.

Addy Davis

A.J. Bomar

Ariel Crawford

Kayleigh Wood

The alternate is ...... Kristine Falness


If you know any of these girls and/or their families, please congratulate them.